Self Storage

Pricing is per Month

Minimum rent period is 1 Month

$160 (inc. GST)- Inside Unit                          Door 1.1m Wide x 2.4m High

Small Quantity/ 1 Bedroom

1.5m W x 3.0m L x 2.5m H (4.4 SQ m/11.25 CU m)


$220 (incl. GST)- Inside Unit                        Door 1.1m Wide x 2.4m High

1-2 or Small 3 Bedroom

3.0m W x 3.0m L x 2.5m H (9 SQ m/22.5 CU m)


$330 (incl. GST)                                           Door 2.8 Wide x 2.3m High

3 Bedroom or Small Car

4.0m L x 3.0m W x 2.5m H (13.5 SQ m/33.75 CU m)


$420 (incl. GST)                                                             Green Doors

Large 3 Bedroom or Large Car                                         2.7m High 18 SQ m/62 CU m)

6.0m L x 3.0m W x 2.3m H (18 SQ m/45 CU m)


$560 (incl. GST) 


6.0m L x 4.5m W x 2.7m H (27 SQ m/62 CU m)


$770 (incl. GST)

Extra Large                                                                                   

6.0m L x 6.0m W (27 SQ m/88 CU m)

Door 2.8m Wide x 2.3m High

On Start of Contract

Once off $60 Payment

$10 – Admin Fee

$50 – Refundable Deposit (conditions apply)

Please note Insurance of contents are your own responsibility

Have a Padlock to lock your Unit. This can be purchased at Reception

*This is not a quote. Only a reflection of our current prices

*Rates are subject to change without notice (18/01/2022)