Moving Tips

Packing Supplies

For every recipe, you need a list of ingredients. So think about what you are going to use for the job.

Boxes: Keep the size manageable. They become heavy very quick when you start packing.

Packing Tape: They run out at the most unexpected times – more is good

Scissors: Just remember, scissors are hard to keep up with while you are packing. How about keeping them on a string around your neck?

Garbage bags: Great for toys of plastic kitchen containers. It is also handy to wrap around clothes on hangers for easy transport.

Colored Magic Markers: Involve the kids – Every room can have a different color. Don’t label all the boxes “Miscellaneous” (or “Stuff” and “More Stuff”)! 

As far as labeling the boxes, if you start packing up the things that you will not need, and start at 1 and label in ascending order, you will know that the boxes with the lowest numbers can be unpacked last. The higher numbered boxes are the ones with the stuff you use the most.

Newspapers: Start saving the junk mail flyers a few weeks ahead of time. That way you have a bit of a stash when the packing starts.


Changing your address

  • Utilities if you haven’t already switched it over to the new address. Remember Broadband can take up to 10 Days before it is active.
  • Banks and Charge Cards
  • IRD
  • Insurance provider
  • Online shopping sites
  • Pharmacy if you have a delivery service for medication
  • Clubs and organizations

Keep aside items

Basic kitchen utensils: A skillet, pot, kettle. Then a spatula, sharp knife, silverware, dishwashing liquid, dish towels, paper plates and glasses.

Simple food: Cereal, crackers, bread, coffee, sugar, and long life milk. You may have to make a grocery run for some fruit and snacks for the kids.

Clothing: Also in your possession you will need a couple of changes of clothes for each person in the family; everything from underwear to socks, shoes and pajamas.

Personal items: Then you will need a basic bathroom bag. Everyone’s toothbrushes, razor, shampoo, soap, tooth paste. Don’t forget your make up, hair dryer and contact lenses stuff. 

For the first sleep in the new house: You’ve  made it! First night in your new house How Exciting! Pack some sheets and blankets for each person’s bed and an alarm clock. Camping style…?